1. Children must be punctual to class on all working days. They should come to school neat and tidy.
  2. Uniform shirts are to be worn outside the shorts. Vest and underwear must be worn daily.
  3. The students must wear white socks and black shoes on school days.
  4. Hair and nails should be kept short and clean.
  5. Kindly ensure that your child is toilet trained.
  6. Shoulder bags and baskets are to be neatly labelled and sent to school daily.
  7. Handkerchief and Handtowel to be sent daily.
  8. Kindly handover a set of coloured clothes neatly packed and labelled to the class teacher.
  9. The homework books and diary must be returned the very next day.
  10. Gifts are not allowed to staff and to fellow students. On birthdays sweets and chocolates may be given.
  11. Parents are not allowed to meet the teachers without the permission of Fr. Rector or the KG Co-ordinator.
  12. In case a child is absent, a leave letter must be submitted in the school office.