Education is the most powerful weapon
Which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

The heart of Education, is the education of the heart. Education is the holistic and overall moulding of an individual. Here at Don Bosco, Egmore, that is what we are striving to do. As I thank God for the grace, He has bestowed upon us to educate the young, I would like to place on record the yeoman service of our pioneering missionaries and visionaries, who have paved the way towards the present glories of Don Bosco, Egmore.

The institution has already celebrated its Diamond Jubilee and it is known for its outstanding performances, in the fields of academics, games, sports, art, music and various creative and innovative skills. It is really exhilarating to witness the family atmosphere that is so conspicuous and the collaborative style of functioning by the management, staff and parents in order to mould the young minds to inculcate values into them. Human values that are patterned after divine values.

Don Bosco’s System of Education is something highly commendable – known as ‘Preventive System’, it was an eye opener to the people of Europe in the 19th Century. Don Bosco was able to gaze much ahead of his times. He liked what the youngsters liked. He was able to spend time not only for them, but he was able to spend time with them. That in turn changed their outlook and transformed them completely to be good and honest citizens in the society.

I would like to thank the Salesians, parents, staff, teaching and office staff including support staff who combine so well to blend their involvement and commitment so that the outcome is excellent. We are able to see youngsters grown to become human being with divine impetus, fully human and fully alive. It is gratifying to see our youngsters adorned with admirable qualities which make them stand in good stead and help them to soar high in society.

May the institution “Don Bosco” continue its passion to educate and mould the young. May the Saint of the young “Don Bosco” continue to inspire us, so that youngsters are ushered into the world to find happiness, joy and solace.

Rev. Fr. Gregory Devarajan,
Rector & Correspondent